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Proteins Vs Food Proteins

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Protein shakes and natural food proteins have their pros and cons to the human body. Ask often is the question, do protein shakes work? In this blog, your questions will be answered upon my research. Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body to put on muscle mass. A protein shake is similar. However, it may lack some nutrients that foods provide. Keep reading to learn more about; Protein shakes vs. Food protein by Healthy Rich Blog.

Powder Protein

In powder form, protein shakes have the advantage of reaching the muscle way faster. On days where you may miss your meal prep, substituting it with a shake. But, it should never be your only way of getting protein. After a hard workout should be the perfect time to consume the shake. Protein shakes consist of other nutrients in them as well. A single serving also has vitamins and minerals that your body may need. However, there are certain macronutrients you won’t find, such as good fat. Combining your shake with a healthy balanced diet is.

Food Protein’s

Food is always a better source when you’re looking to gain muscle mass. Protein servings in eggs, meat, and chicken may not be as high as a single scoop of the shake. But, you’re getting good fat and calories that are essentials for the day. Protein shakes are supplements and should not be the main source of your protein. Also, your daily healthy intake should consist of all the nutrients and minerals you need.

When it comes to protein shakes vs. food protein, they both will provide positive results. The chances of you receiving negative side effects are from the shakes. Before taking any protein shake, you should always ask your doctor. Your age, weight, and gender play a role when taking any supplements. View the link below for Dietary Guidelines Recommendations

Protein Shakes

Negative side effects

  • gastrointestinal distress
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  •  headaches
  • nutrient deficiencies 

Stretching For Fitness Workouts

There are numerous ways of how to stretch, and there are also many incorrect ways of stretching. Stretching is important before performing any activity, whether it’s a walk at the park or climbing a ladder. But before you start stretching, you must warm-up. To warm-up means to have your core body temperature up a little from its normal temperature. Warming up should be done so you can avoid the risk of hurting yourself while stretching.

Learning different Types of Stretching can benefit you positively in whatever event you’re getting ready for. The term stretching is much more than just extending out muscles when it comes to your body. To perform proper stretch techniques one must learn the different types.

The different types of stretches include:

  • Ballistic Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Active/ Passive Stretching
  • Isometric Stretching/ PNF Stretching

Ballistic stretching is done by bounced movements having the body joints go beyond its range of motions. An example of this would be doing the splits. This can be quite painful and not recommended for everyone. Dynamic stretching is different and not too extreme as ballistic. The dynamic stretching is done by swinging your arms or legs in a controlled motion. Instead of forcing any joints to go pass it range, you are in control and doing a normal stretch.

Active stretching is applying force from yourself to extend a stretch fully. An example of Active stretching is raising your leg and applying force to stretch further. Performing these stretches, you need balance; this type of stretching can be seen almost like yoga.

multiracial people doing reverse triangle pose
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Passive Stretching

Passive stretching additions help from your partners. An example can be seen in the following picture. It is quite like active stretching, but this time you have help from your partner.

Isometric stretching can define as a type of static stretching that is motionless. When you take the different types of stretching, combine you have PNF stretching. PNF stretches are known to be the most effective when looking to achieve flexibility. All stretches, when done correctly, can improve performance. A way to picture how stretching works with the muscle is by using a rubber band. When you stretch a rubber band it’s a lot easier to stretch it the second time. The same goes for your muscle when stretching you loosen yourself up. Also, remember when you stretch a rubber band too far you may cause it to rip. That’s the exact same situation with muscle. So don’t overstretch yourself and remember to warm up first.

Heavy Weights Won’t Define You

heavy weight fitness
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If you want results, you got to have patients. Understand just by lifting heavy won’t define you. Eating right and resting is two of the most important things in getting results. However, Working out correctly plays an important role as well. When it comes to Lifting, you want to always remain in control of whatever your lifting. In other words, you want to always have Tension in the muscle your targeting. When you work out properly, you will see results way quicker.


Lifting heavy weights won’t define you, that has you wobbling or leaning will cause your body to be confused. Have control of what your lifting, Stay in your range. Don’t mind what the people around you can lift. Getting tension is what you want. To whatever muscle you are working out on, that is where you want to feel your burn.

For example, let us say you are working out on your biceps. Pick up a dumbbell that’s in your range to where you can lift correctly. As you are doing your reps, take your free arm and feel your care working out on. That is what you call tension in your muscles. This will allow your body to know what muscle you’re targeting.

Now when your lifting heavy, people understand the wrong concept. When you lift heavy, you want to remain in control at all times as well. You will not get the same burn if your trying to do reps that throw you off balance. You want to Focus on the muscle your working out on. Also, with the right procedure you will most likely save your self from pulling a muscle. Thanks for reading Heavy weights Wont Define You.

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