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100% Fruit juice, healthy or unhealthy

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100% Fruit juice sounds much healthier then other beverages,

Jerome Saytaypha | April 11, 2020 | Blog

When choosing a beverage, between soda or fruit juice. I would always choose fruit juice because it has the word fruit. As we all know fruits are healthy for you. But, have you ever wonder if its really 100% fruit juice? or wonder how they are processed to still be 100% fruit juice. Healthy or unhealthy?

The amount of sugar

Soda has always been known to be unhealthy for its amount of sugar. Growing up i was always told not to drink too much soda. Consuming too much sugar is unhealthy for you. Sugary content can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

100% Fruit juice and sodas are both high in sugar, nearly the same. In an article, it says 100% fruit juices and sugary beverages equally increased risk of mortality. Making both beverages a unhealthy product. Both beverages are also known to cause weight gain. However, only fruit juice has a slight advantage by containing vitamins.


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