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5 Components That Make Up Physical Fitness


Is Physical Fitness important? If you care about your health, then yes. There are 5 components that make up Physical Fitness: Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition. Physical Fitness allows you to understand your state of health and well-being through exercises. When determining if your fit or not, you must see how you perform in each of the 5 components.

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Knowing where you lack in the components, can help you set future goals. Physical fitness is much more then lifting, and having a muscular body. In each component you will see if you your body perform good through certain tasks.

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Cardiovascular endurance – is the body’s ability to continue exertion while getting energy from the aerobic system used to supply the body with energy

Muscular endurace– is the ability of a muscle to repeately exert force against resistance

Muscular strength– is the ability to generate force at a given velocity of movement

Flexebility– the ability of the joints in the body to move their full range of motion

Body Composition– is the percentage of fat, muscle, and bone in the body

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