A Story I Wrote For Class

“To Build a Fire” by Jack London {Different Point of View}

Jerome Saytaypha

It was 9 o clock in the morning when I checked my watch, me and the sun haven’t seen each other for a couple of days now. It didn’t worry me too much, while I took on my journey across the Yukon trails of Alaska. The day was clear, not a single cloud in the sky. This would be the first winter I ever experienced, it was cold, very cold and very interesting. I didn’t want to wait any longer until I reached my Fortune that allies at the end of this Journey.

Starting the journey, I moved east, after climbing the earth’s bank to exit the main trail of the Yukon’s. The trails layer a mile-wide and on top of the trails were some feet of pure white snow. I thought to myself, it’s actually a good thing the sun was absent as I walked above the thin sheet of ice. I started to imagine how I can plunge to my death if the sun came out and melted the surface. It would be the end of my journey if that happened. Others warn me of how risky and dangerous it could be, but as a man without imagination, I didn’t listen. I’m just an old man trying to have fun.

I continue my journey, while the day went on, the day got extremely cold. Never have I experience such nature. While others went in a group, my journey was with a men’s best friend, my dog. He seems to sense some sort of danger, I stood still and took a break, I looked back. I traveled for days and walked great miles as accomplishment. I kept on walking while the temperatures started dropping with the daylight.

Temperatures were 50 below zero but I can’t imagine for I haven’t experienced such a thing. As I walked along the trails, I noticed my spit started to change as it reaches the ground. I did it over and over and realize it was icing up before they hit the ground. It sounded like dropping an egg, and soon I realize what 50 below zero is. 50 is below is far freezing point. We needed to hurry; our destination was Henderson creek.

That’s where the rest should be. Maybe I should’ve went with the other boys, instead of going the long way. But I see going alone as a much more adventurous journey around the islands of the Yukon. If I would’ve have went with the group, we would arrive their already. But looks like ill arrive sometime around 6, just a little bit after dark. I hope the fire is lit and food is ready where they are at. I felt my pockets where I brought along some food in. Thinking out, I didn’t see it getting spoil because this weather was like a refrigerator. I wrapped it up, so it won’t over freeze, kept it by my skin to keep warm off the heat of mines.

As the light dim even more, I start losing sight of the trail. For some reason, this wasn’t no ordinary day. More snow has fallen, and it is covering the trails. The trail is my guide, my only map to get to Henderson Creek. I started to feel as if I was walking on my knees. My boots collected large amounts of snow as I walked. This led to the snow going in my shoes and causing my toes numbness. My face was even numb, it was hard to believe as my thick mustache and beard cover most of my face, sort of like a polar bear is what I appear to be. I glance over to see my Native Dog, I wonder how his foot was feeling from the cold.

Maybe I should’ve gotten his hint when he sensed some danger and not wanting to go. I didn’t take nobody’s word, I felt I was prepared. The cold got colder, I felt I was ready for this journey, turns out I was wrong. But it was far too late to turn back around. I try to hurry, as I gain some energy from the tobacco, I was chewing. The temperature is dropping every step I take. I try to spit my batch of tobacco, but my mouth wouldn’t’ crack open. My lip was stuck together, it felt as if I had the super glue. I knew this moment; this is far below freezing point.

I continued through the forest for several miles. This wasn’t bad, the trees broke down the wind speed before it lands on my frozen face. Then I stumbled to a stream, well what use to be a stream is now frozen. At this moment I knew my brain was freezing up, I felt a brain freeze ten times drinking from Slurpee. I checked my watch which read 10 o clock, still many hours away from where I needed to be. At this point I just couldn’t wait to eat, my stomach was the only one talking along the journey. I start to think ahead of where I’m headed, which would be the where the stream divide. There I would rest; I should reach the boys by 6.

Watching my steps as I walked along, I feared for plunging threw. I know what’s under isn’t frozen because it wasn’t always this cold. If I fall threw, it would be a cold case without a trace. It may take years if the boys were to come look for me. I glance at my dog and noticed something strange. His tongue froze out of his mouth, with his mouth stuck open. You can hear him breathing but there were no signs of it.

Then suddenly I heard a cracking noise as I took the last step forward. There were a few inches of snow at this part. I slowly raised my foot, then right when I lift it up the sheet up ice plunged threw. That’s when I noticed I’m over thin ice. I slowly engaged to the right side fearing my death, my life is over if I make one wrong move. I tried to let my dog guide me, but he was just as shook as I was. We slowly moved forward together watching every move tippy-toeing like some ninjas.

Then my next step was my wrong step. Splash! I suddenly fell through, having my body got to feel the icy water beneath. We were soaked from the hole piece of ice splash. I crawled out the hole and we were cover with glaciers. The watch on us didn’t even last seconds before it froze up to glaciers. My dog’s hair froze with a spike, he resembles a porcupine now. It was now beyond the word cold; I didn’t know what to call it.

We hurried and started removing the ice from our bodies. The dog struggled as he started using his feet to brush off the ice. We hurried and arrive at the stream where it divided. At last, I would finally be able to build a fire. But I didn’t waste time to get munching on my food that was only kept warm by my skin. I looked at my watch, we got here fast. I start to doze off, “we will continue tomorrow,” I said to the dog.


London. J (1902/2017) “To build a Fire” (American Literature) 

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