A Tasty Beverage With Health Benefits

Doing this to your water can improve the taste

Jerome Saytaypha | March 28, 2020 |Blog

Drinking water every day would make me lose interest in it. I often turn to soda because I need something sweet. But, I turned to another beverage where I will never lose interest in. Not only is this beverage tasty, but its enriched with many health benefits. This beverage is lime/lemon water or also know as lemonade. A squeeze of lemon is all you need, doing this to your water can improve the taste.

Healthy Rich
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According to the United States Department Of Agriculture( USDA)

Healthy Rich
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Lime, Raw Nutrients/ Portion: 100g

Calcium, Ca33mg
Iron, Fe0.6mg
Magnesium, Mg6mg
Phosphorus, P18mg
Potassium, K102mg
Sodium, Na2mg
Vitamin C29.1mg
Vitamin B-60.043mg

Despite the color, lime/lemon are from the same citrus fruits family. Their colors are yellow and green. Do they taste different? no they taste the same to me. However, you might gain a little bit more juice with the yellow one. This is because they are differ in size, with lime being the small one.

I usually cut 1/2 and squeeze it in the cup. It is sour enough with half, sometimes I add a little sugar. After a cup, you will feel a boost of energy. Lemon/lime is rich with vitamins and other nutrients. Benefits you in healthy ways such as improving your immune system. Your immune system is critical for fighting bacteria. The drink contributes to skin health as well with antioxidants, plus it is also very low in calories.

According to MedicalNewsToday, Limes provide a good source of vitamin C. Among many other potential benefits, vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body. (Medically reviewed by Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D. on July 23, 2018 — Written by Jenna Fletcher)




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