Are Raisins Healthy For You?

Ever wonder if raisins are healthy for you to eat, here is what I found out…

I always thought why raisins are so sweet when raisins are dried grapes. When I eat grapes they are not as sweet as raisins, well to me it’s not. I found out the process concentrates the fruit’s sugar. Then I start to wonder if raisins are healthy. I even thought about the type of raisins that are covered in chocolate.

photo of granola on ceramic bowl
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My research results clear my thought and informed me that they are quite healthy. They are a good source of iron and potassium. Low in fat and cholesterol is also health-wise. The only down fact is the fact it’s high in sugar. However, I would consider them to be healthy foods.

A study is shown raisins contribute to a better diet quality and may reduce appetite. So if you’re trying to lose weight. This would be a great snack before workout. Also, it may give a great boost in energy going into your workout. Studies also shown in addition, raisins maintain good oral health due to their antibacterial activity, low adherence to teeth and an optimum oral pH.

Would you consider them healthy? Do research and tell me what you think?

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