Biceps and Triceps

Biceps and Triceps are two major muscles that make up the upper arm. The two muscles are the opposite of one another with the Biceps being in the front and Triceps in the back. Having huge defined arms was one of my goals when working out. However, the main reason for wanting my arms in shape was daily activities. We do a lot of lifting on a daily bases, you may decrease the chances of getting injured if you keep them in shape.

man holding barbell biceps triceps exercises
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Biceps Conditions

Triceps Conditions

A common injury that usually occurs within the two muscles is pulling a muscle. Not only does it happen at a time of exercising, but it may happen anywhere you use your muscles. The pain can be very severe, so you may notice right away if you were to pull a muscle. If it sounds painful, that is because it is a painful situation. Some ways to avoid this injury are:

  • Stretch before workouts
  • Avoid staying in one workout position too long
  • Workout
  • Don’t increase your weights too fast

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