Intense Cardiovascular Exercises You May Do At Home

Here are some cardiovascular exercises you may do at home

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Jerome Saytaypha | April 30, 2020

While gyms are still close, you may be wondering what are some cardiovascular exercises you may do at home. Cardio is an important exercise you should do daily to keep your heart healthy. Cardio is short for cardiovascular, systems related to cardiovascular are your circulatory and respiratory systems. Any exercises or workouts you do that have your heart rate speeding up are considered cardiovascular exercises. 

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a true body workout you can do at home to get your heart rate up. You don’t need any equipment to do jumping jacks. This exercise is common in warming up before any hardcore activity. It targets every muscle and a great workout for your cardiovascular system. You can expect your heart rate to increase from the high intensity jumps your doing.

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This is also a great workout to have your heart pumping. Burpees may be a little bit tougher to do. In this exercise, you don’t need any equipment as well. There are three workouts combine in burpees, push-ups squats, and vertical jump. If you never done burpees, you may want to practice first. You don’t have to do all three at once, start off doing one. when you’re familiar with it, combine all three to get a superb cardiovascular workout.

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Jump Roping

For this exercise you will need a jump rope. If you don’t know to jump rope, pretending to is just as good. Jump roping exercise is also known to strengthen that core up. You may have seen many boxers doing this particular workout. Boxers rely on their cardiovascular system a lot to go 12 rounds. Jump roping targets every muscle as well, this is going to have your heart rate up.

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Mountain Climbers

This workout is pretty exciting to do with no equipment needed. You can expect to have your abs burning with one. Just like how it is named, you will look as if you are climbing the mountains. For this exercise you start in a push-up position, but your only moving your legs. While you have them arms tensed, your legs are moving up and down, one at a time. Which targets that core extremely well.


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