Jerome Saytaypha | February 21, 2020 | Blog

The last couple of months has been a major tragedy for China. The deadly virus outbreak started in Wuhan, China. As of today, there is nearly 70,000 people with the coronavirus and nearly 100 deaths. While there is no cure for the Coronavirus, it has caused fear and stress all around the world. To minimize the deadly virus outbreak, China is being held in a quarantined.

What we seen in movies, has now become reality. With the virus now reaching as many as 30 countries, Doctors quickly seeks a cure for the Coronavirus. However, the cure itself can take many months to be approved. It has only been around 2 months since the virus emerged, the numbers effected continues to rise.

Should we worry about the outbreak of the Coronavirus?

China is one of the world’s largest marketing country. While the country is being held quarantined, we can expect to see a major decline in marketing numbers. Production has discontinue due to factory’s being shut down to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Countries around the world has been affected due to the supply chain dying.

The Coronavirus has also caused chaos in countries, this came from the fear of letting travelers come in from the country of China. It takes around 14 days to know whether or not if you are infected with the virus. Even after 14 days, sometimes the virus symptoms may not show.

2020 Olympics

In Tokyo, China is where the olympics events is taking place. But it is not certain, with the Coronavirus outbreak going around things would only get worst. Many are heart broken, with years of preparation for the event, the events are not able to go on. But, many marathon runners are headed here to cowtown to attend the event. With as many as 20,000 people already schedule for the marathon.

Ways to not spread the Coronavirus or Germs period

  • Wash hands
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing
  • Disinfect to protect
  • Avoid traveling to infected places

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