Effective At-Home Strength Workouts/ No equipment

Daily activities require you to utilize your strength within your body. Improving your strength benefits all components of physical fitness. In this blog, I want to share some Effective At-Home Strength Workouts. The following workouts require no major exercise equipment. However, to raise the intensity, you may need a few things around the house. So I’m going to share with you an easy and advanced way. So here are the Most Effective At-Home Strength Workouts.

Push Ups

man in gray jacket doing push ups during sunrise
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woman doing push ups on sit up benches Strength
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Push-ups are one of the most effective at-home strength workouts. Depending on what type of push-ups you doing. For the most part, you are hitting your chest and shoulders. When you learn all forms of push-ups such as diamond, wide, and clap push-ups. You will see why push-ups can be so effective for body strength.

Easy: Basic push-ups. For anyone who can’t do push-ups. Start by doing pushups on your knees instead of fully extending.

Advanced: Have your leg up on a step of stairs while you’re in a push-up position. With your body weight shifting to the front, you will find it harder to do a push-up.

Body Weight Squats

Leg Strength Squats
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Building your strength from your legs up can bring out the best in you. Body Weight Squats are a great at-home workout for leg strength. The legs contain the most powerful muscle groups in our body. Squats and push-ups are two effective whole-body workouts alone.

Easy: Basic squats

Advanced: squating on one leg, front squat, wide squat jumps

Sit Ups

woman doing sit ups
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Core Strength
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Building your core strength is just as important. Also known as (aka) mid-section that holds the upper and lower body together. Daily movements such as twisting and turning, maybe why you should consider building your core strength.

Easy: Basic sit-ups

Advanced: bicycle crunches, scissors, leg raise crunches

Heel Raises

Legs Strength
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Heel Raises is another great way to build strength in your legs. To build calve muscles is quite a challenge, however, heel raises can definitely help you get there.

Easy: Heel raises on the edge of a stair steps

Advanced: one leg heel raise

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