Fitness Equipment’s You May Take With You Where Ever You Go

wake up and workout slogan on light box among sports equipment
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Having fitness equipment you can take where ever you go can help sometimes. For instance when you go to your family members’ house, or to a gym that doesn’t carry all fitness equipment. I’m going to tell you some of my favorite equipment that can be easy stuff in my gym bag. I will start with my favorite one:

Resistance Tubes

Resistance Tubes is the perfect fitness equipment to throw in your gym bag. The resistance tube I am using in the picture can be found at However, I purchased mines at Target. Resistance can be very effective if used correctly. The amazing part is you can target almost every muscle on your body. Power Tubes are weight resistance ranging from 20lbs up to 100lbs. So you’re able to choose the correct Power Tube for you. The purchase also comes with a book with a set of instructions and various workouts you can do. The tube is made from durable latex rubber which is still in perfect shape from my purchase months ago. Overall, it’s the perfect fitness equipment to take where you want.

Jump Rope

A Jump Rope is also very effective fitness equipment. If you want to build your endurance and stamina, a Jump Rope is a great choice. Many may assume it only targets the leg, but that is incorrect. It also works your core, jump roping is very common for boxers to utilize. If looking for something to substitute your jogging routine, get a Jump Rope.

Hand Grips

The fitness equipment in the picture is a Hand Grip. The equipment is not used by many, but it is my third favorite. Daily we are using our arms with most of our activities. By balling up your fist, you may feel the different muscles tensing up. Imagine how Handgrips can help build the muscles in your arm. This fitness equipment can be a big help for baseball, football, and basketball players. By exercising with Hand Grips, you will also strengthen your fingers. It also can be a stress reliever with its similarities to a stress ball.

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