Fitness Terms You Must Know

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Learning fitness terms can benefit you in the fitness world. I recall when I never knew what some of the words was. After this blog, you will gain confidence in conversations at the gym and understand the meaning of the words when mentioned. I will define standard fitness terms you must know.

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Fitness– the condition of being physically fit and healthy

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Drop set– to start off lifting heavily, and then reducing weight after each set.

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Stretch– extending the joints and muscles

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Isometric Exercise– strength training while holding a specific position

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Plyometric exercise– explosive exercises

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Incline Bench press- a slope: uphill

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Decline Bench press– downward position bench press

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Deadlifts- a lift made from a standing position, without the use of a benchpress or other equipment

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Rep(repetition)– a Rep is one repetition of a particular exercise

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Sets– A completed cycle of repetition

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Hydration– the process of causing something to absorb water

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Intense workout– pushing your body to its limits

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Cardio– physical exercise that speeds up the heart rate

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Muscular strength– “power” used to lift and carry

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Muscular Endurance– contraction of the muscles for a certain amount of time

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Flexibility– The ability to flex joints and muscles beyond its limits

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Body fat Composition– amount of fat on a persons body

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