Fitness Trackers, Are They Accurate?

Fitness Trackers has become very popular in the fitness industry. One point in time, I was tempted to go out and buy one. The wearable device caught my attention after seeing it on people’s writst. Fitness trackers comes with many features such as sleep tracking, steps tracking, calorie tracking, etc. These were all significant to help someone get on track to becoming fit. However, there was one question in mind. Fitness Trackers, Are They Accurate?

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I did a little research before going out and purchasing one. In this blog, I want to share some information I read up on. Its pretty interesting if you ask me. As a student studying computer science, learning how wearable devices developed wouldn’t hurt.

What are Fitness Trackers?

Fitness Trackers are devices that record or measure data related to fitness. The device can be wearable or updated on your phone as an app. Although, it may seem as modern technology, but fitness trackers have been around for many years now.

Features of Fitness Trackers

  • Monitors heart rate
  • Track sleep
  • Bluetooth, for ease of assesibility
  • log food calories and log water intake
  • fitness tracker- provides daily progress
  • provides calorie burn, steps taken, and active movement
  • motivates and keeps you on track

First Pedometer Invented

In 1965, Dr. Yoshiro Hatano a japenese professor invented the 10,000 steps daily pedometer. By taking 10,000 steps a day, meant, you are likely to maintain a healthy body.

In the past years, fitness trackers has become the new trend. Technology has advanced, devices are much more then a pedometer. By 2023, fitness trackers market value is expected to reach $62,128 million. That is what you call sales, and its expected to continue growing. Competition in the markets include Fitbit, nike, and apple. These are all well know manufactuers in the industry. That gives an idea of how technology is evolving in fitness markets.

Fitness Trackers, Are They Accurate?

When it comes to Fitness Trackers being accurate, and precise. They all may depend on a variety of things. In a Study, found that algorithm, frequent releases, and its many features can affect the devices accuracy. However, when it comes to steps tracking, the devices were pretty accurate.

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