Gym or Home Gym

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When it comes to working out at home or at the gym. There is a difference in focus, energy and time. When i’m at the gym i tend to socialize more then i work out. Vibing with one another is actually healthy for you. Its always fun to work out with one another as well. Plus, you have a person to spot you and push you to your limits!

On the other hand, working out at home i am well concentrated in my work. I focus more at home because there isn’t nothing to distract me. I am targeting the muscle i wanted to target, when your at the gym you might be jumping around with the crew. Also, you cant do poses you would usually do, when your alone at the gym. When it’s all said and done, working out at both places are beneficial for your health. You want to always step out and socialize with the world. Also, your ME time is significant as well!

Author: Jerome Saytaypha

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