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Learning 3 Health Facts

Jerome Saytaypha |March 5, 2020 |Blog

Health is something i like learning about. The reason being is because i don’t want to be unhealthy. Even though some may say you never know what may happen to you one day, well, what if nothing happen. Now your regretting making healthy choices early in life.

In Life, we aren’t able to replace your lungs, heart or kidneys that easy like you would replace a flat tire. First, you’re going to need a lot of money and then you must find someone with similarities. So lately I’ve been doing alot of research Health Facts. Youll be surprise by all the new things you haven’t learn.

First Health Fact i would like to share is:

  1. Laughing is good for the heart and can increase blood flow by 20%

Laughing is something I do a lot. I enjoy being a clown, I love to make other people laugh. Now that I know it can increase your blood flow by 20%, look forward to me making you laugh. Why be with a frown when you’re blessed?

Second Health Fact:

2. Always look on the bright side: Being an optimist can help you live longer

This is something I always do when I’m feeling down. You want to always look on the bright side, you never should look at the dark side. Realize the positive things and not the negative things. What this truly means is by staying positive, you contribute to good health.

Third Health Fact:

3. Exercise will give you more energy, even when your tired

Now that i think about it, this is for a fact. Being involve in activities, or exercise provides you with energy to get up. This is a great boost in health as well. I workout everyday, ever since i started at the beginning of this year, i have woke up way earliar then before.

These are only 3 facts I picked out from the list if you would like to learn more Health Facts here is the website:

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