Health News From Bad Media

Health News From Bad Media

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Jerome Saytaypha | March 10, 2020 | Blog

Health news from bad media, it is important to understand there are fake news in the media. Most likely when we learn something, we will often teach it to others. That person will also do what you did, now every body has the news. But if its false information, then it wouldn’t do no good. That’s why it is important on realizing fake news is such a thing. Why does it matter? fake news can trigger bad health, heart attacks and panics are some side effects of learning terrible news. Another example is how the coronavirus cause panics way before there was enough information to learn. Including myself, i have read up on fake news before. When we have two people communicating, our story’s end up different then were both like confused with a light bulb over our heads. You want to be on the same page when inputting and outputting information on health. A humans life is very significant because it is something we can not always bring back.

So we must take the time to do the research. Make sure the news is accurate and updated. I usually look up schools research articles or websites that are tide with Health organizations. Also, studies about health and professional experts are also legit when providing information. To spot fake news you may also want to watch the video HOW TO SPOT FAKE NEWS. Be cautious on social media as well. While it is a platform to connect people all around the world, it can be an easy target for fake news.

Fake News’ Law Goes Into Effect In Singapore, Worrying Free Speech Advocates to understand how serious it can be. Singapore has established a law dealing with Fake news. Media companies that fail to comply face a fine of up to a 1 million Singapore dollars (about $722,000) says Ashley Westerman.

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