Coronavirus and our Immune system

Strengthen your immune system to prevent the coronavirus

Jerome Saytaypha | March 4, 2020 |Blog

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Coronavirus and our Immune system
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Starting in Wuhan, china the virus has spread quickly all around the world. Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, has created fear in everyone throughout every country. The virus so far has led to deaths, panic, and a sudden drop in the economy. With no vaccine, our only line of defense against the virus is our immune system. This writing is on Coronavirus and our Immune system

Upon my research, there are people who in fact survive the coronavirus. Shown was a majority of the deaths were elderly people. Being compared to the coronavirus is the flu. When infected with the coronavirus the symptoms are somewhat similar. However, with the flu, there is a vaccine to try to prevent it. But, even with doctors discovering a vaccine for the coronavirus, would it be effective for the elderly? As we age, our immune response capability becomes reduced (Harvard, 2014).

In the meantime, until we find a vaccine. Boosing our immune system is the best option to try to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. How do we boost our immune system? “one really good thing to do is to not panic because anxiety weakens the immune system,” said Joanie Stewart, a health professional at Alexandria.


To have a strong immune system, you must get proper rest. When getting not enough sleep we are often dragging throughout our day. This is the same when dealing with your immune system. By getting your rest your immune system can be at its best when going up against the coronavirus. “Sleep helps your T cells stick and attack infections. With less sleep, your T cells are less sticky and aren’t as strong in fighting off coronavirus,” says Alexandria.

Eating Healthy

Boosting your immune system starts with eating right. By eating a healthy diet, you are providing yourself with antioxidants and nutrients. Choosing water over soda helps get rid of unwanted waste in your body. Avoid fried food and salt, those can also lead to other health problems. But most importantly, you want to have your vitamins. Vitamins are mainly stored in your fruits. ” Try to eat a variety of foods, and aim to eat fruit and vegetables from every color of the rainbow,” says Zumpano who is a registered, dietitian.

Don’t Stress

“We know that if you get too much stress … that can suppress your immune response to bacteria, to viruses, to all kinds of different things,” says Dr. Caroline Sokol. Don’t stress, the benefits of sleep and eating healthy is not stressing. Stress affects a lot of things in someone’s personal life. Stressing leads to bad health, making yourself an easy target for the coronavirus. Going up against the coronavirus its best to not already be sick. Do things you love and not think about subjects that lead to stress.

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