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Healthy skin during the summer

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Avoiding sunburns can be hard during the summer, keeping your skin healthy is a good idea

Jerome Saytaypha |April 9, 2020 | Blog

Summer can be harsh for the skin if you don’t provide protection. I’m white complected and man oh man, I would get sunburn every time i went swimming. I would end up all red coming up off the lake. I even applied sunblock lotion, but it didn’t do too well with me. However, It is said to have a little of the sun u.v actually promotes healthy skin. In other words don’t cook yourself in the sun. Having a healthy rich skin during the summer is very important.

Painful experience

There are many reasons why you should protect yourself from sunburns. Reason number one is because it hurts really bad. One sunburn incident, I would be painful to put on a shirt. My back, face and neck would be red for some days. When you get a sunburn, your skin goes through a process for you to grow new skin. The most painful part is when you shower. That burn in the shower, would hurt more than getting a tattoo.

Cancer in the long run

Reason number two, Sun Exposure Changes Your DNA. Sunburn can cause cancer over time. This skin cancer is called Melanoma, In a study researchers trying to find the cause for Melanoma, found skin damage from exposure to sunlight was one. So you might want to consider getting that tan intentionally next time. Every time you get a sunburn it is said that you will double your risk of getting Melanoma. 

It can be embarrassing

The third reason can be a bit of embarrassment, through your healing process. When you get the sunburns at the level I did. First you’ll be red for a while, you would look similar to the Koolaid man. After, You would be looking like a cheetah when you are in the peeling process, kinda embarrassing to me. Then, I wore glasses back then, when I took them off. It seemed like I had them on still from the tan. This all came from me loving to swim. But, I think we all love swimming when it is nice and hot outside.

What you can do

If you love to swim, you can always provide extra protection to your skin. Go swimming with all your clothes on, that way you won’t get burn all around. Be healthy, this can help you heal faster if you do get a sunburn. That don’t mean its OK to get a sunburn though. Also provide your skin with sunblock lotion. Even though I still received sunburns, it may have been from me not applying enough lotion. You can have a wonderful summer, just be smart. Enjoy your summer and go swimming in a healthy way!


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