Heavy weights wont define you!

Jerome Saytaypha | January 3, 2020 | Blog

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If your going to the gym on the daily, eating right and still see no results. Most likely, your not working out correctly. When your trying to gain muscle with definition, people often think lifting heavy weights will get the results you want quickly. Well that’s incorrect, and here’s why. Heavy Weights Wont Define You by Healthy Rich

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If you want results, you got to have patients. Understand just by lifting heavy wont define you. Eating right, and resting is two of the most important things in getting results. However, Working out correctly, plays an important role as well. When it comes to Lifting, you want to always remain in control of what ever your lifting. In other words, you want to always have Tension in the muscle your targeting. When you work out properly, you will see results way quicker. Lifting heavy weight wont define you, that has you wobbling or leaning will just cause your body to be confused. Have control of what your lifting, Stay in your range. Don’t mind what the people around you can lift. Getting tension is what you want. To what ever muscle your working out on, that is where you want to feel your burn.

For example, lets say your working out on your biceps. Pick up a dumbbell that’s in your range to where you can lift correctly. As your doing your reps, take your free arm and feel your biceps that your working out on. That is what you call tension in your muscles. This will allow your body to know what muscle your targeting. Now when your lifting heavy, people understand the wrong concept. When you lift heavy, you want to remain in control at all times as well. You will not get the same burn if your trying to do reps that throw you off balance. You want to Focus on the muscle your working out on. Also, with the right procedure you will most likely save your self from pulling a muscle. Thanks for reading Heavy weights Wont Define You.

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