How To Burn Calories Quick

A full body workout to strengthen your core, and burn calories quick

Jerome Saytaypha |April 29, 2020

fitness exercise jump roping burn calories quick
fitness exercise

Full body workout

Jump rope is a full-body workout you can do to burn calories quickly. Many may think your only working out your legs, but your targeting every part of your body. Boxers jump rope to strengthen their core, this allows them from getting winded from hard hits.

Builds stamina and endurance

If your looking to boost your stamina/endurance, jump roping can help you do so. Compared to jogging you can burn about the same amount of calories. Both are high-intensity workouts that require a lot of energy. To make things harder, I would have leg weights and wrist weights on. Not recommended, if your not use to jump roping.

Improves overall health

Overall, you can expect to see improvement in your health. By jump roping your lungs are pumping and your heart is beating. Also, many find it more fun rather than just jogging. Keep your muscles going with every intense jump. 30 mins a day can help you see quick changes in weight. Be safe everyone



There is a lot of advice out there on how to get a six-pack. Truth is you may already have a six-pack, it’s just not showing. To get six-pack abs does not mean go to the gym and do nothing but sit-ups. You still need to balance your workouts. To reveal your abs your main focus should be on your body fat percentage. The amount of body fat you need all depends on your sex, height, and body mass…


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