How To Do Different Push-up Exercises

One of the most common effective exercises is push-ups. There are various forms of push-ups you can do. Although it targets the chest and shoulders the most, it can also be a full-body workout. To execute a full-body workout, you must learn the different push-up exercises.

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If your new to doing push-ups, dont feel discourage by the number count. Because everybody went through the same exact phase to get where there at. Now if you can’t do a push- up, that is also fine. I will give you a way to start doing a push-up.

Knee Push-Ups

knee push ups
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If your barely starting, and isn’t able to do a push-up. Start by doing it with your knees on the floor. Instead of pushing your entire body off the surface, you will only be pushing up your upper body. After you get that down, you will soon be able to do standard push-ups. Take your time, impress yourself and not others!


Standard Push-Ups

standard push ups
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Standard push-ups is done by getting in a normal push-up postition. Having your body extend out on the floor. Your hands are about shoulder width apart, feet close to eachother. When you perform a push-up, have your arms fully extend out.

Wide Push-Ups

wide push-ups
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A level up from standard push-ups is wide push-ups. This is a little bit harder then the normal exercise. Instead of having your hands shoulder width apart. Place them out further, feets close to one another. This form of push-up is alot more tense, and your strength will be put to the test.

Diamond Push-Ups

Diamond fitness push-ups
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Diamond push-ups is one of my favorite push-ups. The muscle being work on is the inner chest and triceps. To do diamond push-ups, you will get in the same position. Your hands are touching this time, and in the shape of a diamond.

Shoulder Push-Ups

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Shoulder push-ups are insane shoulder and triceps workouts. This workout is call shoulder push-ups for a reason. Do your set and you will understand how it got its name. To do this workout, start off in a regular push-up position. Then, you raise your back up by scooting your hands back. Do so, until it looks like your going for a dive. Perform shoulder push-ups!

Stair Push-Ups

incline stair push ups
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decline stair push-ups
Source: Gifer (Decline push-ups)

Stair push-ups is alot more advanced, and requires you to utilize balance. If you do not have the equipment above, you may use stairwell steps. Their are two types of stair push-ups you can do, incline and decline. Decline would be more intense out of the two. In decline push-ups form requires more upper body strength. Unlike other push-ups, your body weight is now all on your arms and shoulder. Having your feet up higher then your upper body, plays a major role. Position your self as seen in the gif above, perform stair pushups.

Push Back Push-Ups

push back  exercise
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The Push Back Push-up is another good way to improve overall strength. Nearly all muscle groups are being work in this form of push up. Instead of pushing up, you are pushing back. Legs bending as you go back, but keep them in the air.

Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. I hope to inform you with various ways of doing a push-up. There are many more to come, including push-ups with dumbells. Also, perform these exercises with proper training. Stay healthy, Stay fit.

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