Its important to stay hydrated while exercising in the heat

As summer gets closer, its important we learn how to stay hydrated

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Jerome Saytaypha | April 24, 2020

Living down south we experience high temperatures that’s dangerous for our health. The heat can be a problem if you’re not keeping your self hydrated. For some of us we may like exercising in the heat. Because we sweat a lot more, and it feels like your putting in 10x the work. It’s very important to replace any liquid you just wasted. In the past I have seen many accidents where people don’t drink enough water while exercising. Most of them landing on there face from fainting.

I like to drink water, I sometimes drink Powerade or Gatorade. I am not an expert so I will not make any suggestions on what you should drink. You want to stay hydrated while exercising is the main point. A major sign of you being dehydrated is when your not sweating. Get some water and stay hydrated.

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