How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

To Maintain A Healthy Weight Can Be A Challenge, Heres What You Need To Focus On

Jerome Saytaypha | March 13, 2020 | Blog

I have been in that exact same situation, it was hard to maintain a certain weight. What was even harder was having to get your six-pack showing. As I live and learn, I want to share what I have discovered. If you want to work on being healthy, and maintaining a proper weight. You need to focus and make it a lifestyle. To maintain a healthy weight…

What I mean by that is you will not have no fried food, junk food, and no fast food. You can be on all sorts of supplements, but without the correct diet, you won’t progress as well. That is why they are call supplements, for when you don’t have enough. If you lack protein, you’re going to need a protein shake. If you lack in vitamins, you’re going to need your vitamin supplements. But everything needs to come from your Meals. The fish and eggs you should provide you with your proteins. Don’t think taking them pills and not put in work will have you looking like Hulk.

Also, your body would only absorb enough of what it needs. Anything else can cause you to be unhealthy. So the first step in being healthy and maintain weight is to eat the right diet. There is no cheat day or lazy day. Start off slow like what I’m doing. Then, later on, I will completely cut off all the unhealthy mistakes. I tell it because I’ve done it before. I also know I will do it again. Don’t try to change, with a blink of an eye. Be patient with your self and slowly cut off your sodas, and later move on to cutting off them snacks. Another challenge you will face is being consistent. But all you got to do is realize, and take your time with that as well.

A high amount of body fat can lead to weight-related diseases and other health issues.” says (CDC centers for disease control and preventions)

You may want to look up your healthy weight to know what you need to be at. By learning your healthy weight, you can figure out what you need to be balanced in the diet. In order to get a six-pack, you need only a certain amount of fat left. when I say certain, I’m talking very low percentage of fat sir.

In this blog, I hope to share with you what I have learned so far. The main focus should be in what you need to eat. Remember to dedicate, even though its a challenge. Best of luck with your Healthy Weight.

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