Making the right choices to live healthy

Jerome Saytaypha |April 17, 2020

healthy stretch
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Making good decisions towards a healthy lifestyle

Start a healthy eating habit, this can play a big role. Taking care of your self inside and out can help you mentally. Keep yourself happy by communicating with your love ones. Eat your fruits and vegetables, boost your immune system. Exercise on the daily, at least 30 mins a day. Breaking a sweat everyday boosts my self-esteem and confidence.

Learn something new everyday, can be a boost in confidence. There can never be a limit to knowledge, or your success. Taking advices and listening can help you out in a time of need. Having a solution to every problem you encounter will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. I learned pretending like I knew it all, knocked me back when I’m trying to move forward.

Stay away from negativity, positive vibes only. Have people who will lift you up, not be little you. Negativity can cause you stress and anxiety. You don’t want that rubbing off on you. However, if you have a positive mind set, you will see how your energy attracts the energy you give out. People will slowly drift away that don’t have similar goals.

Do something that you love, not because your pressure to. Be yourself when you around people. When you pretend, the other person will pretend. This will avoid showing each other true colors later on. Don’t jump because someone tells you to jump. Go with your gut feeling because majority of the time, its the right move.

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