One of the best workouts, no weights

This workout includes no weights, its the popular push-up

Jerome Saytaypha | April 6, 2020 | Blog

This workout is one of my favorite healthy exercise, it is the popular push-ups. This workout is common throughout all the fitness programs. The main muscle group it targets is your chest. The way you position yourself will determine what part of your chest you are trying to target. Push-ups can be done wide, shoulder-width apart and diamonds.

Although, push-ups do not require any weight lifting. Not everyone can do a push-up. Doing push-ups will require you to lift your own weight. If your not able to do the amount expected for your age, you may in fact be unhealthy. The following website INC says Harvard did a research; men who can do 40 straight push-ups had a 96% reduction in the incident of CVD (cardiovascular system) events with those completing fewer than 10 push-ups. That’s pretty amazing if you can tell how a person’s health is by there push-ups count.


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Author: Jerome Saytaypha

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