Fitness Equipments That Makes A Perfect Home Gym

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During this pandemic, many of us have found a new place to call a gym. That place is no other than our own home. If your planning to workout at home, but don’t have fitness equipments. You may be wondering where to start, or what equipments is right for you. In this blog, I’m going to tell you what fitness equipments that makes a perfect home gym.

Before considering what equipments you should own, think of ways to have a safe home gym environment. A home gym can be peaceful, but working out alone can also be dangerous.

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The first home gym fitness equipment you must have is a Yoga mat. This may be one of the best pieces of equipment I have purchase. Before owning one, I have done my situps on the hard surfaces. Which is not a very great idea due to my spine hitting the surface. Later down the line, it may lead to permanent injury, and I’m sure nobody wants that. The yoga mat provides cushion and does not hurt my back at all. It has also helped with my stretches, which requires me to kneel. Safety should always come first, one injury can set you back from years of dedication.

Resistance power-tubes, is also a must-have home gym fitness equipment. I use to think power- tubes were limited to a few exercises. I was wrong, it is full-body fitness equipment. Being able to strap it up to the door, you can target your triceps, back, and even chest. Power-tubes come in different resistance levels, so don’t ever think you’re too strong to own one.

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You can’t call your home, a gym without this next equipment. The famous Bench press, this equipment helps you build muscle up top. It is mainly used for chest and shoulders. However, the adjustable bench press can be used for sit-ups and back as well. Utilizing the barbell itself, you may also do various other exercises. These may include squats, curls, and deadlifts, all to improve your strength.

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Dumbells should also be available at your home gym. Not just one set, have your pounds going up. You want huge arms, dumbells will help you get there. Dumbells can also be used with the bench press.

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Now you can’t forget to do some cardio, a jump rope/Crossrope is the equipment to do so. I would choose a jump rope anyday over a treadmill. Learning all techniques with a jump rope, your able burn about the same or more calories as running the treadmill. Plus, a crossrope is much cheaper then a treadmill.

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The fitness equipments I have just name, makes up a perfect home gym. A great combination to workout every muscle group. Also, you may improve in all 5 components that make up physical fitness. Remember its not about the fitness equipments, its how you use them!

Author: Jerome Saytaypha

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