Powder or Pills Fitness Supplements; Pros and Cons

When purchasing fitness supplements, you have the choice of choosing powder or pill form? Although there is not much of a difference in effectiveness, everyone is different when consuming supplements. To take into consideration is the timing in which your body does the absorption. Whether you are looking to improve your performance or put on muscle mass, it plays a factor in when and how you consume.

There are pros and cons when using powder or pill supplements. First, let’s talk about pre-workout supplements. Pre-workout supplements; they come in powder and pill form. One of the main reasons why I love taking Pre Workout Powder supplements is to enjoy the flavor. Produce are all sorts of flavors like watermelon, raspberry, punch, etc. When it comes to pills, there is no flavor. However, some of you may be comfortable with that. Back to Powder, when it comes to the amount of time it takes to be absorbed, powder form is faster. When consuming pills, you have to wait until the capsules dissolve or break down.

On the other hand, there are also some pros and cons of taking pill-form supplements. Second, let’s talk about creatine supplements. Creatine supplements; they come in powder form and pill form. The advantage of pill form supplements is it’s more comfortable to take, depending on the person. Just get the right number of pills, and take it following instructions. Compared to Powder, you might spend a couple of seconds looking for your scoop. Then, you are going to pour your Powder into your water and shake it up. So pill form isn’t that much of a hassle versus Powder.

Now, with my experiences with creatine powder and pill form. It does not provide me a boost of energy like pre-workout supplements. So it doesn’t matter when it gets absorbed in my body. Another advantage is that it doesn’t take up much space like pre-workout containers. They are usually small, like prescription bottles, so that you can have more room in your gym bag.

So there are many pros and cons to powder and pill supplements. I love taking either form, they are all effective when following the instructions. Which form fits you is the central question when deciding. Also, every supplement is different when it comes to serving, read the label. Workout safely and see your doctor before taking any supplements.

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