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Vegetables and there benefits


I use to hate vegetables until I found out what they provided for me

Jerome Saytaypha |April 5, 2020 | Blog

Growing up we were taught to always eat our vegetables. It was hard for me to follow that rule. If my food came with vegetables ill spend the first couple of minutes picking them out. Later down the line I started eating salads. Lettuce with ranch wasn’t so bad, with extra cheese and ham. But I started learning as I mature, later understanding what you eat can impact your life. So, I use to hate vegetables until I found out what they provided for me.

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Carrots was another vegetable I enjoy with ranch. I was always told carrots can benefit your vision. Upon my research, carrots contain vitamins and minerals that promote good health. They are also known to reduce your risk of cancer, lower blood cholesterol and help with weight loss.

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A vegetable I love in my pizza is spinach. Spinach is also rich with vitamins and minerals. I would’ve never expected a green pizza topping, I thought it was going to be super nasty. I actually ended up liking it. This pizza topping is served at papa johns. If you saw the cartoon Popeye he’s always eating spinach. We can get a good source of Vitamin K from spinach. Vitamin K supports your bones, you want that healthy because it’s your structure.

These two are a good source of antioxidants, tomatoes and onions. Tomatoes are good because I love spaghetti. Every time I go to McDonald, I would always tell them no pickles no onions. Onions are my least favorite since I was little. However, onions are also known to reduce the risk of cancer.

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