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Best website I ever come across… Body mass index

Jerome Saytaypha |March 18, 2020 | blog

As I was scrolling through google, a website caught my eye. I must admit this website is the best one i ever came across dealing with health. The website is titled Nutrisystem. I have just began to build my website, so i know how titles can play a role in search engines. I can assume this one attracts leads.

But this website is two names put together, nutrition/nutrients and system. Right when the page was successfully done loading. I was welcome with a big text that’s says free proteins shaker. That is amazing to me, and i notice money back guaranteed. So that’s gaining my trust. What really made me love the website is the fact you get to calculate your BMI. BMI stands for Body mass index, this determines if your weight is in the healthy range or not. Then, your able to select a plan to help you lose weight base off your input. It can’t get no better then that. Check the website out;

If you don’t know how to calculate your BMI like me. This website helps, your able to put in your height, age ,and all. Then with the plan you select, there’s a estimate of how much you can lose by following there health plan. Very useful!

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