When I was young…

Jerome Saytaypha | February 25, 2020 | Blog

I had a passion for boxing. I loved boxing so much i would wake up training and go sleep training. I enjoy playing other sports as well, but boxing was my gifted talent. While i dedicated to the sport, i had alot of street fights.

My love for boxing didn’t really come from fighting. I loved boxing because of the preparation you engage youself into, to get ready to fight. Hitting that bag everyday was a stress relief like no other. While hitting the bag, running through your head is the fact that your getting stronger and faster.

When your training to box, you work out all of your body parts. Expecially you core, thats how i had achieve my abs back then. You must have stamina in boxing. Dont ever think your good with stamina, because when you get hit in your stomach, all that stamina is going to drop.

My favorite boxer was Floyd Mayweather, who is undefeated. In his prime Mayweather talent was very well shown. What makes him the greatest, is his defense. If your involve in any sport, its best if you dont get hit especially in the head. Alot of people think Mayweather is running in the ring but hes being smart.

As of today, I am more towards working out to gain muscles. I still love boxing but things happen in life. It dont matter what i do though, I always try to perfect whatever it is im doing.

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