Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Workouts

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A Strong structure is built from the ground up. Leg workouts is one of the most important workouts you can do. One main reason is the fact we use our legs to get around everyday. I myself never liked doing leg workouts, I didn’t think I would need muscular legs. Overtime you will understand why leg workouts are important. I want to share how I found myself needing to do leg workouts:


Your legs are your support for everyday life period. In every sport legs plays a significant role to being successful. Executing your leg workouts will make you a great athlete. When building a house or a building, bottom support is critical. If the support isn’t there, strong winds comes around and down goes your house or building. Leg workouts will keep you balance, and driven. When your working out next time, as you hit your bench workouts. You notice how your legs are also being used to push up that weight.


If I noticed myself looking awkward in the mirror, then its time to hit leg workouts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with skinny legs, but I want Super Hero/ physics look. Around the beginning of my engagement into fitness, I destroyed upper body workouts. After awhile you will notice your self image in the mirror. But that’s just my opinion on looks with leg workouts.


My favorite sport is boxing, and legs makes up most of your punches power. Mass times Acceleration equals force. When your in the perfect stance where your foot is planted correctly. Your opponent will feel the blow no matter how good his guard is. In order to not feel it, you either fade the punch or dodge it completely. As a boxer, leg work outs can help you get around the ring. Leg workouts can help you offensively and defensively.

In life you never know when you may need to utilize your leg muscle full potential. You want to be able to run fast or move in case of a emergency. By knowing how to use your legs correctly, can help defend yourself as well. Also when working out, if your constantly hitting your upper body and no leg workouts. You don’t give yourself enough time to recover/heal. Keep your workouts balance and you will see results much faster!

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